Card Types

Student ID Cards

"Want to protect your cards from tampering, counterfeiting or physical abuse?"
Security is increasingly important for schools, colleges and universities. Whether it's registering students, knowing that only your authorised staff have access to your facilities, or ensuring that parents have confidence in the safety of their children; ID cards have an important part to play.

But do your student ID cards offer you the level of security you need?
Only Magicard ID card printers provide visual card security at no additional printing cost, through our patented Holokote anti card copying watermark. Holokote is an anti-counterfeiting watermark across the entire card surface, that becomes visible when the card is viewed at an angle. Standard dye-film is used to print Holokote images on standard cards. For additional security, Holopatch works with Holokote to produce a highly-visible gold seal on the card, printed using special card stock.

Applications for identification cards in Schools and Colleges include :
  • Student/Staff Identity (photo ID cards)
  • Visitor ID cards
  • Library access and lending cards
  • Clubs and Societies
  • Cashless purchases for meals and vending machines
  • Subsidised meal programs
The use of cards in education ranges from traditional Photo ID badges, through access control cards that include magnetic stripes, smart chips or proximity / contactless technology, through to complex multi-application cards that also handle cashless payment and loyalty schemes. Magicard ID card printers are able to print all the card features you need for all these cards (photos, barcodes, and security features) and can also write data to the magnetic stripes and chips embedded in the cards at the same time as printing the card.

Why you should choose Magicard :

  • Our unique patented Holokote puts visual security on your cards at no extra cost
  • Great value printers range from the Magicard Opera and Tempo for low-volume applications, through to the Magicard Rio 2e & Tango 2e for volume printing
  • You can print all the features you need at the same time as writing to magnetic stripes and embedded chips

Membership Cards

"Want to promote your club or team and ensure that your members are the only people enjoying the benefits?"
All clubs need personalized membership cards, whether the clubs are commercial businesses such as Health Clubs, Night Clubs, Video Clubs, Golf Clubs, Auto Clubs, or Gyms, and even if they are non-commercial groups such as Sports Clubs, Fan Clubs, Discount Clubs, and Voluntary organizations.

With a Magicard membership card printer and an appropriate digital camera and ID card issuing software, any club can now take efficient control of its member database, renewal fees, and access control, and can make a very strong promotional statement through the eye-catching full color card design.

Membership cards are usually Landscape in format and are designed to be carried in a purse or bill-fold, where space is limited. It is, however also possible to create a system based on the use of portrait format ID badges which are intended to be worn on the clothing or on sports bags for example. Membership cards of either format are sometimes attached to extending ID badge holders which allow the ID Card to be inserted in a card reader for authentication without the need to remove it from clothing.

Magicard membership card printers can print ID badges in either landscape or portrait format, and they can combine photo quality portraits, dazzling color graphics, and even barcodes or magstripe data encoding. The status and success of the club will be greatly enhanced by a well designed, colorful, card design with a high quality portrait and an attractive and clear "corporate identity".

Members are ambassadors for the club, and they will generate a lot of free promotional advertising if they are proud of their membership, and are eager to show off their membership cards.

Membership of your organisation is also valuable, and so it is important to protect plastic membership cards against forgery using Magicard's unique HoloKote and HoloPatch counterfeit protection security.

A well-designed plastic membership card is therefore a benefit, not a cost, for any club.

The encoding of data onto a photo ID card used for membership is a commonly required option. This data may be as simple as a unique ID pass number, or can be as complex as a biometric ID such as a thumb print. Electronic purses for applications such as vending, or the use of special facilities such as photocopying can also be incorporated.

The Magicard Rio (single sided) and Tango (double sided) membership card printers can be supplied in a format to handle all photo ID data encoding needs, including bar codes, magstripe, and contact or contactless smart cards.

Biometric Cards

"Want to build an ID or access control system that can't be spoofed?"
Combining a portrait identification card with the holder's unique "biometric" signature data is as close as we can currently get to an impregnable ID or access control solution.

There are many candidate biometric identification technologies, including fingerprints, retinal scans, iris scans, and facial recognition algorithms.

various proprietary algorithms and scanner technologies, all of which have their own staunch advocates, further subdivide these.

Rumour has it that several early adopters of this type of technology had to beat a hasty retreat after running into significant operational problems.

It is therefore important to choose wisely, and to think through the whole biometric process and its practical operation, before "buying the best"!

Problems encountered so far have included:-
  • False negatives. People get very embarrassed and annoyed if they are barred from their normal place of work by a computer. (False positives are unlikely to be a problem)
  • Health concerns. People are sometimes frightened of the scanning technology, or of the risk of cross infection due to the tactile nature of the scanners
  • Entrance congestion. If the system is badly implemented, a line of frustrated employees can develop
  • Bypass. It is no use having the most secure ID system if people can get round it by "tailgating". Turnstile or airlock type entrance portals are a necessary adjunct to a biometric access control system

All of these problems can be overcome in the planning stage, but it is important to recognize that a properly implemented biometric identification system will be costly, in both initial investment and in people-preparation terms.

In practice this means that biometrics are best for very high security installations such as government facilities, nuclear plants, and R&D laboratories.

Biometric data could be stored only on the facility's computer network, but the need to match complex, centrally-stored biometric data at many entrances creates a formidable data communication and processing problem.

Nearly all practical applications therefore store the biometric data on an ID card which can be locally read and compared with the "live" biometric in real time.

Magicard printers offer numerous Data Encoding options, including 2D Barcodes, Magstripe, and contact or Contactless smartcards, all of which can be used for storing biometric data.

Employee ID Cards

Security has become a top priority for business operations in recent years. From the smallest service business to Fortune 100 companies, business managers are concerned about running an efficient, low cost operation that implements the highest level of security for its personnel and for the benefit of its customer base.

Employee Identification (ID) cards range from a standard photo id to id cards used for multiple reasons such as:

  • Employee and Visitor Identification
  • Building Access
  • Network Login
  • Time and Attendance payroll systems
  • Cashless debit system for food vending

The Magicard printer family contains everything you need to create from a basic photo id to high security proximity cards or smart cards containing biometric data. The Magicard range of printers also offers complete protection against counterfeiting through the use of either a hologram laminate, or by the use of Ultra's unique, low cost, HoloKote technology.

Magicard Employee ID Badging Software
The simple and intuitive Magicard ID software allows you to create and print ID Badges, Loyalty Cards, Visitor Badges, Business Cards, Employee Identification (ID) Cards and more.

  • Choose from several card design templates, or do a custom design
  • Database with search facility
  • Barcode fonts included
  • Microsoft Windows compatible

Government ID Cards

"For National ID cards, Drivers Licenses, Government Employee cards Ė Security and Durability are most important"
Government ID projects, by their very nature, demand the highest levels of Security and Card Protection. When valuable credentials are being protected, then the use of smart cards to hold biometric and access information is now mandatory, and physical card protection by means of lamination and/or holographic security is common.

These demands place certain requirements on the ID card printing equipment:
  • The ability to encode biometric and access information to the chip on the smart card at the same time as printing the card
  • Card lamination for extra durability
  • The application of watermarks and holographic patterns on the card, for added security and authentication
  • The security of the ID card printing equipment itself, to prevent unauthorized use

  • The single-sided Magicard Rio and double-sided Magicard Tango printers print a HoloKote watermark on the card. This watermark can be customized to a particular organizationís logo, meaning that only they can produce cards with that design
  • The Magicard Tango +L adds card lamination, to provide both visual security and physical card protection. Laminating films are available in a wide assortment from standard clear laminates for durability to custom laminates for extra security and card protection. Custom laminates can be tailored precisely to suit an organizationís design and security requirements. Heavy duty (0.6 mil and 1.0 mil) clear and holographic films, and thin holographic films are available. In addition, Magicardís unique HoloKote watermark can be combined with lamination for a low-cost custom security solution

  • Where cards include both Contact Chip and Contactless technology, in some cases they can be difficult to print on consistently. The Magicard Prima reverse-transfer printer is the solution to this issue; by printing on a transfer film, which is then applied to the card, all types of card surfaces can be printed on with the highest quality

  • Where cards need to have data written to the chip at the same time as printing, Magicard Professional printers can all have Encoders fitted to them. Available for all major cards, such as HID i-Class, Mifare, Desfire and other types, the encoder is integrated with the printer to provide a one-stop card issuance solution

  • In order to keep valuable card supplies secure, the Magicard Tango +L features printer locking capabilities, to prevent removal of cards without obvious signs of physical damage to the printer

Lamination works by bonding, at high temperature, a tough plastic patch to the face of the ID card after it has been printed. Most laminators handle two thicknesses of lamination film, 0.6 mil and 1.0 mil. The 0.6 mil lamination film is a popular choice as it provides almost as good wear resistance as the 1.0 mil film, but often bonds better to the card and is more flexible. Overlaminates also increase resistance to UV fading. In addition, Ďthiní lamination films are also now available; these provide edge to edge holographic patterns for visual security, but are less suitable where card protection against wear is required.